Channel Development

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Channel Development and Sustainability

Here, the focus is on increasing the business effectiveness of your channels through training and development actions for leadership, management, successors, sales staff, service staff, and field staff who support the channels.

Our differentials are based in the right mix of the constructivist approach (andragogy) and real-life customizable exercises and simulations that build the necessary competence level and buy-in attitude to effectively implement the strategy.

In addition, through proprietary solutions we perform Online Coaching, Audits, Collection and Dissemination of Best Practices and other strategies that keep alive the enthusiasm and culture of standards and processes within the channels. We also offer full channel training management, including Academy Design, Content Development, Training Delivery and Management.


Sales Skills

Through basic and advanced training modules, we develop the skills necessary to practice sales. We design, implement and manage “trails” or complete development grids for Sales teams.

We work with aspects such as Planning and Organization, Relationship Management, Customer Portfolio Management, Negotiation Techniques, Neuroliguistic Programming applied to sales, Customer Prospecting, Closing Techniques, among others, empowering the sales team to maintain leadership during negotiation and get features that make it possible to extend sales results along with customer satisfaction and distributor profitability.

Product Launch

We support our customers in launching products, both in the definition of the instructional strategy and in the content development and training of the sales team. Through the understanding of the market, customer profile and knowledge of the attributes of the new product, the team is able to identify the benefits to the customer and to address the objections that arise in the day to day, providing a sale of value to the customer.

By providing a critical market and business vision to the challenges and business context in which the product is being launched, coupled with a solid methodological approach to andragogy, our training becomes differentiated by its effectiveness in the results achieved and the feedback from the participants.

WBT's - E-learning/Blended Learning

In addition to face-to-face training, we offer the Distance Learning (EAD)

In this area, we have the concern and strategic vision of seeking to build a training strategy called Blended Learning where more behavioral or highly complex contents, personal interactivity with the facilitator or between the participants is of fundamental importance to the instructional objectives, they are offered in person and contents of introduction, support, leveling or reinforcement are carried out at a distance, in a strategically designed sequence.

We count on specialists in instructional design and content in the different areas of our work. To add quality and attractiveness to the participant, we have the partnership of graphic designers and programmers, enabling us to put into practice our creative instructional solutions.

HR management for distributors

We adopt the perspective of HR as an important strategic activity of the company and in this context we work: the roles and responsibilities in HR management, importance of the tools in this management; understanding of the main areas of HR, its objectives, activities, expected results and how to optimize its management to ensure alignment with the strategic objectives of the company.

In several sectors, we know that there is a great lack of quality in the management of the human resources of the distribution channels. Designing complex processes does not meet the reality of most distributors. On the other hand, if they are too simplistic, they become ineffective in their goals. Our in-depth knowledge of sales channel realities from various industries has brought us the right measure of how to implement simple and effective HR management processes.

Sales and product training

We develop Process Trainings and Sales Techniques appropriate to the reality of each sector in which we operate and Product Training using comparisons with the competition, aiming to create sales arguments for the sales team.

Oriented for a sales value to the customer, we work focused on an advisory sale, where the needs of the customer are identified and the emphasis is given to the benefits perceived by the customer that each attribute of the product has, providing a unique experience for the customer. Through day-to-day situations, marketers are challenged to create sales arguments, empowering them to perform the function.

Customer service

We develop training oriented to the reality of each service professional and its industry, having as guideline the impact of the service for the business, together with the importance of raising the awareness of the service professional regarding the need for their constant improvement.

Aiming to establish a relationship with the client and the guarantee of total satisfaction in the service, they experience activities that make it possible to make the most use of communication channels, exchange good practices and establish customer recovery processes.

Behavioral training

Behavioral trainings are highly dynamic and participatory. The Facilitator using the Facilitation Technique considers the participants’ experience, encourages participation and promotes self-reflection.

The activities enable the participant to experience situations related to their daily life, identifying the practical application of the content, consequently contributing to their professional activities. Among the topics normally addressed or requested by our clients are teamwork, feedback, prioritizing and focusing on objectives, team leadership, facilitating meetings, high performance teams, problem solving techniques, coaching, customer focus, among many others.

Technical training

The technology embedded in the products nowadays has been growing exponentially, demanding an enormous speed of updating and qualification of the professionals to act in the service rendering and maintenance of these products. Thus, a correct technical training strategy is critical success factor for several clients in various industries.

In our technical training, in addition to concepts and basic training, we seek to deepen our knowledge in an extremely practical and experiential way, using games and activities that allow greater experience to guarantee the absorption of content. We develop and apply trainings of systems, motorization, mechanics, electrical, suspension, maintenance, use of tools, safety, among others.

Services Training

Service Training involves service processes, operation management, systems and technical training.

We promote the qualification of all the staff involved in the post-sales of the concessionaires. We train from the Service and Parts Managers, through the Technical Consultants, who are the front line of the distributors, the workshop technicians in the technical trainings and the parts department personnel involved in the service process.

We design and apply training in topics such as: reception of services, scheduling, workshop management, productivity and quality in services, synchronization of parts and services, marketing services, warranty, sale of services, relationship marketing, parts management, among others .

Professional certification programs

We design and manage certification programs for professionals at all levels (managers, technicians, salesmen), in the skills required to perform their function, aiming at optimizing performance and better results for our clients. Professional certification usually goes through stages: a survey of the competencies of each function is carried out, the assessment process to identify gaps occurs, professionals participate in the training grid, are monitored and evaluated based on the performance indicators to be certified.

Certification programs are widely used and very well accepted by many clients for being highly motivational to professionals. Achieving certification not only raises self-esteem, but also increases employability, retention of professionals, and company results.

Commercial & Distribuition Policy

Ensure correct remuneration of the Channels, reducing conflicts and modeling behaviors adherent to the role of the Channel.

Management & Successors Development

We train managers of the various segments of the channels in which we operate, and successors in that role of leaders within the organization. We develop modules that provide basic management knowledge to perform its function and advanced modules, with tools that enable better business management, process improvement and operational performance.

The programs are designed in a very personalized way and can be combined with development strategies, with practical work supported by coaching and mentoring sessions of our professionals.

Some aspects worked: Leadership Role and Responsibilities, Leadership Styles, High Performance Team Development, Goal Setting and Planning, Indicator Management, Process Management, Market Access Strategy, Strategic Sales Plan, Marketing Management, People Management and Financial Management.


One of our specialties is the design of business processes and the definition of Operational and Customer Service Standards. We help our clients define simple but robust processes that ensure the value proposition and are assertive from a business point of view.

We seek excellence in the definition of standards that leave no doubts as to what they mean and how they will be assessed. Often the incorrect definition brings poor interpretations and consequent erroneous implementations, leading the Channels too far away from what was expected as a result.

There are decades of experience in defining Standards and Processes and how they are implemented.


Many Customers acknowledging that the Management of Academies is not part of their business scope, they outsource completely, or parts of their Academies or Sales Universities to Prime Action. We offer a Consulting perspective to the Academy goals and role. A perspective that goes far beyond the mere operational management of a University. We seek content, tracks and solutions focused on generating concrete results in the Channels. Through clearly defined management models and service levels, we incorporate years of Channel Development experience into the content and management processes in order to generate concrete results for our Clients.

Our experience shows that Customers with Outsourced Academies with us do not go back afterwards to internalize them and only evolve with ever more effective tools, content and processes year after year.


We develop and apply content for conventions, using tools that enable the collective learning process.


Learning Map which is a learning tool applied to situations where it is necessary to create meanings to mobilize for action. Learning Map is the ideal tool to achieve the commitment of people around a great change process or a new strategic direction of the company.

Expedition Game is an interactive themed game whose objective of each team is to realize strategies to obtain as many points as possible. The Expedition Game is the ideal product for the company that needs a highly motivational tool that allows you to work on various goals and behavioral themes at the same time.

Program Support and Improvement

Many efforts to improve processes and implement new processes and service standards produce good results if well designed and implemented. The biggest challenge, however, is when the implementation period ends. Without a systematic collection, without the support of trained professionals, what is seen is a gradual deterioration of the improvements and results achieved, to the point of losing all the investment made. Many factors contribute to the loss of process sustainability:

  • Turnover of Distributor Professionals
  • Lack of Culture and Management Focus
  • Lack of monitoring by Specialized Professionals.
  • Illusion of fully delegating support to sales staff (do not have focus, incentive, profile and appropriate tools)
  • High logistic cost to keep Network Coaching Visits

With the commitment to generate sustainable results for our Clients, we developed methodologies, approaches and tools that allow better support for actions and improvement programs:

  • Online Coaching
  • Management of Distance KPIs
  • Audit / Reorientation visits in specific cases
  • Turn-over monitoring
  • Support Actions (Events, Campaigns, Communication, Training)

Generating professionalism and a high degree of performance in the Distribution Channels is a permanent challenge. Prime Action through dozens of projects in Successful Channels across multiple industries knows perfectly how to ensure effectiveness and sustainable results across Distribution Channels.