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Prime Action Consulting was founded in 1992 as a management consulting firm. In 2002, we focused our services on Channel and Market Access Solutions and since then we have experienced a solid journey of success with our Customers across all segments. And all this has been built with a genuine spirit of collaboration and knowledge of our valuable team.

José Luiz Vendramini
Dealer Network Strategic Planning & Development Director

“I rarely give testimonials from others or companies, as they are very serious, they must be assertive and accurate and based on concrete truths. In the case of Prime Action I feel very comfortable to do so, because the opinion about you is very much based on experiences and living together for over 20 years! In all these years, I had the opportunity to work in various projects and in different organizations, both in Brazil and abroad, being for process improvements and implementations in both Dealers and Automotive Industries, and I can say that in this statement I am a little “mouthpiece” of many people. By the time I met them, they were already big in size and delivery, and I have been able to witness the consistent growth that they have deservedly achieved over the years, not only in structure but also on many different business fronts. And with primacy! In a brief summary, I enhance integrity and competence in the way they do their jobs, with real knowledge and skills of what they do and lend themselves to, focusing on and exceeding their clients' needs with a level of professionalism and exemplary professionalism, and with tangible results to the business. ”

Marcelo Cidin
Latin America Markets Training Lead

"Prime Action has been our trade training partner for 8 years in Brazil and now we are extending to all of Latin America, due to the expertise, the relationship of trust and commitment we have with all the company professionals involved in our projects and the capacity solve unexpected problems quickly. "

Edilson J. Robb
Quality manager and after sales processes
Rogério Gonzaga
executive director after sales

"Prime Action was an important business partner in the formulation and implementation of our Quality program, which culminated in obtaining the 1st. ranking in the CSI J. D. power ranking of 2017. The Prime Action team that advised us was composed of competent professionals, committed and engaged in the search together of the best results. "

Alvaro Luz
research and customer satisfaction manager

"With Prime Action and its team of consultants, we have achieved great results in a project with our dealers and their reorganization. I commend them for their seriousness and commitment to results. "

Ivan Moreno
Go-to-Market Director

"This year's action (2017) for the turnaround of distribution policy was an example of how we can work well on future projects."

Giuliano Freitas
Aftermarket Excellence Project

"I believe that Power Service, like any project, started with many opportunities for improvement, both from the processes and the understanding of the consultants and, over time, has been taking shape and becoming a process of continuous improvement, with a lot of commitment on the part of Prime Action. The ease of communication and the relationship are very strong points. "

Silene Mendes
Jaguar Land Rover Academy Outsourcing Project

"I really like to relate to Prime Action, a company made up of serious, competent and good-natured professionals, and I always admire and recommend it."

Managing Director

"Very pleased with Prime Action's performance and professionalism."

Everson A. F. Zin
Distribution Strategy Manager

"I'd like to thank and acknowledge the work and support you have given us for building the day and the Policies.
It was fantastic, and surely you made a difference so that everything went as smoothly as possible."

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