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Prime Action Consulting is an international consulting company that operates in several industries and services segments delivering innovative solutions to companies seeking to assure Market Access and Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Effectiveness.

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Slide 2 - Daniel Soares
Daniel Soares

"Working in a company that is constantly promoting professional development and motivating self-development is a great pleasure for me as it makes us better prepared to deliver the best delivery to our customers. Seeing customer satisfaction and knowing that it is the result of a joint effort, created by the environment provided by our company, creates a great pleasure to belong to Prime Action Consulting. The environment of our organization stimulates our self-development. A company that provides space for you to study and still be motivated by is amazing. The best experiences with managers I've had throughout my professional career, no doubt, Prime Action Consulting. The human relationship in this company is amazing to me. "

Slide 1 - Marcos Ferruzzi
Marcos Ferruzzi
Human Resource Manager

"I have been working for 7 years at Prime Action Group and I am proud to be part of this team. I could mention many advantages for being here, but I highlight the values and principles that guide the actions of this company, starting with the directors, followed by We always face many challenges, but we prefer to focus on the opportunities, learning and personal and professional growth of those who work with us. "

Slide 3 - Marcelo Gravina
Marcelo Gravina

I would like to contribute with my testimony because it is a great satisfaction for me to be part of this team. I have been working for 22 years, Prime Action is my 10th company and I can safely say it is the best environment I have ever encountered. People are playful, make you feel comfortable, and at the same time are extremely committed to the outcome and excellence of everything that is accomplished. This human focus and respect for everyone's differences, makes employees make the most of their strengths.

Slide 5 - Laudenir
Laudenir Savoine

"I am proud to be working at Prime Action, a company that is responsible and concerned about offering the best to its customers. This counts on a valuable and dedicated team. A united and respectful team that always works and supports each other. for the common good. These are company values that are aligned with mine, and that motivates me to stay working in the company and always look for the best. "

Slide 4 - Ana Claudia
Ana Claudia Carvalho

"Working at Prime Action means being welcomed with friendliness, warmth and professionalism since my first day at the company.Inclusion in the team for new employees is a practice performed by everyone in the company. I am grateful to have a great working atmosphere, help and constant growth. "

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