about prime action

our values

Prime Action is rooted in the understanding that the success of any business in any industry goes through in-depth understanding of the needs and preferences of the End Customers, so they can design and implement an assertive, sustainable and efficient Market Access Strategy.

We firmly believe that in every moment that the customer interacts and acquires a product and / or service of a company, an opportunity for competitive differentiation and conquest of customer loyalty arises, impacting the company’s results in the short and long run.

With ethics, transparency, professionalism and passion for what we do, we seek to be true partners of our Clients seeking maximum excellence and impact in their results with their marketing and distribution channels, whether they are retailers, wholesalers, corporate channels, distributors, resellers or franchises. We have, in our DNA, a passion for impeccable execution and a willingness to be always ahead, exceeding our clients’ expectations and generating superior and sustainable results.


▷ International Consulting - 100% National

▷ 25 Years of Market

▷ Over 120 Professionals - Brazil & México

▷ Top 100 Worldwide Supplier by GM

▷ Offices - São Paulo and México City

Our Mission
To design and implement robust and innovative solutions to ensure the effectiveness and competitiveness of our Customers’ market access, making it possible to achieve and sustain superior business results. 

Our Values
• Human respect, above all.
• We want to exceed expectations.
• We love personal development.
• We are one single team.
• We do not negotiate our ethics.

Our Vision
To be renowned as the best market access consulting company in the industries we focus on.


  • Bring high management technology to the business processes of Distribution Channels.
  • Deliver services and insights with Intelligence and industry expertise, through structured analysis, solid methodology with wide experience in industry and consulting practices.
  • Be a hands-on, partner, adaptive and disruptive consultancy so that our clients achieve sustainable results and exponential growth in their markets.