Market Access Strategy

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Market and distribution channels

Marketing and Distribution Channels represent a great competitive advantage if they fulfill their basic function – to put the product or service within reach of the customer and the way he wants to buy. Therefore, for the choice of channels, one cannot simply make a comparison with channels of other products, but rather to analyze if the channels are correct for those customers to acquire their products, or to analyze the channels for certain customers.

At Prime Action, we assist our clients in designing their market access strategy, choosing the best channel mix, or even defining the value proposition, processes, and approach to sales and service for a particular channel. Defining the levels and types of distributors, business rules, commercial policies and franchise models are among the types of services offered by this practice.

One of the central goals in many projects in this area is to build a business model to realize sales through the channels (Sell-out Strategy), looking at real end customers as a target for demand. Billing from distributors does not make them customers, distributors are business partners, they are channels of access the real Customers. This what we call the need to change the mind set from Sell-in to Sell-out.

Fig: Sell-in to Sell-out



Many customers they usually look for us to explore new markets, new segments, launch new products and for more significant sales gains. We support marketing and sales executives to identify growth opportunities, determine the best sales strategies and access to these new markets and segments.

Other Clients seek Prime Action to improve their penetration and market coverage through a better market access strategy. Choosing the right mix of market channels and your best way to remunerate them is one of our greatest capabilities.

In addition, our purpose is to actively collaborate as true strategic partners in implementing the organizational, business and operational changes required to achieve the desired results in a sustainable manner. Sell-in to Sell-out, from Strategy to Implementation.

In Go-to-Market projects we work:

  • Evaluating market opportunities and strategic growth strategy.
  • Understanding the service output demands (SOD’s) of the various customer segments being sought.
  • Helping define targeting segments, value proposition, sales structure, business policies, channel design, and sales processes that will capture opportunities for sales growth across the various segments.
  • Sizing the ideal sales force, their territories and defining the best cost-benefit ratio to cover the market in a more effective and sustainable way for the company and its channels.
  • Defining business policies and distribution agreements that will support the company’s business relationship and strategy.
  • Aligning and supporting field staff, strategy, implementation of change and adaptation to become true channel managers.

Channel Configuration

Having defined the Market Access Strategy, the next step is to configure the Channels. At this stage in our methodology we are focused on answering the following questions:

  • How to ensure maximum coverage and participation in each territory?
  • How to avoid channel conflicts?
  • How many and which channels in each segment or territory?
  • Which cut-off bands between Direct and Indirect Access?
  • What is the Ideal Profile in each channel type?
  • What KPIs and rules should I deploy to manage and remunerate channels?
  • What is the appropriate remuneration for each channel?
  • What marketing flows should each channel member play?
  • What distribution policies should be in place?

Sales Force Structuring design

In order for your market strategy to reach the goals and result in success it is imperative to correctly design the Sales Force. Suboptimal sales results, prices, customer churn, low margins, among others are often signs of a non-optimized and strategically designed sales force.

  • What is the most profitable mix of sales channels and sales teams that will optimize market coverage results in a sustainable manner?
  • How many and which channels or customers / accounts should be assigned to each sales professional?
  • What profile, role, skills and activities should this professional have to deliver their results?
  • What is the ideal number of sellers for each sales force? How should your sales effort be allocated?
  • How should technical support resources be scaled and allocated?
  • How best to set realistic and at the same time motivating sales goals for the team?
  • What information and analysis should support the sales force in its role and objectives?
  • How to prepare the sales force for a Sell-out Strategy?