Disruptive and Innovative Strategies

Access Channel Management Outsourcing

We act in a punctual or continuous way helping our clients in the management of their channels in order to ensure the Value Proposal and the maximum market coverage with penetration and market share. The scope of our services in this area may involve:

We Ensure the Commercial Effectiveness of Our Clients

Management and Analysis of Sales Performance- SALES DATA ANALYTICS

We find many Customers having difficulty extracting intelligence from their database. Your sales and customer relationship data are gold mines if well crafted and analyzed. All social media relationships, call center interactions, data and claims records, services, sales data, and many others if crossed and diagnosed with the right statistical and analytical tools can generate powerful insights that can create disruptive models and strategies and innovative.

  • Descriptive Analysis
  • Statistical Analyzes
  • Multiple Regression Models and Conjoint Analysis
  • Big Data and Data Analytics for Sales
  • Analysis of Penetration, SOC, SOW, Retention, Attrition/Churn, Loyalty, etc.

Audit and Certification of Distributors

The Customer’s value proposition and experience are only ensured with robust processes and standards implemented and sustained in the Distribution Channels. In addition to defining, developing and implementing them, we assist our Clients in Certifying Channels through quantitative and qualitative criteria, analyzing KPIs, auditing processes and verifying evidence that ensures a correct alignment of each channel with the defined Market Access strategy.

Consultants trained in analyzing the robustness of the processes, the strategic alignment of the channels, not only perform the audits but also can help guide the Channels in how to avoid nonconformities and loss of assertiveness in their processes.